TRINITI Skin Treatment

TRINITI Skin Treatment

With the TRINITI Skin Program, Color Correction, Skin Tightening and Focused Dermal Remodeling can all be achieved.  TRINITI is a Complete Facial Treatment Program, using the following applications: 


Skin Rejuvenation/FotoFacial RF

  • The first and only radio frequency based FotoFacialRF

  • Treats superficial benign vascular and pigmented lesions, including telangiectasias, symptoms of rosacea and angioma

  • Resolves stubborn and resistant superficial benign pigmented and vascular lesions on lighter skin colors


Matrix IR Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Treatment

  • Delivers treatment to the deep dermal levels to allow for new collagen generation, while protecting the epidermis

  • Selective heating within matrix thermal bands allows surrounding tissue to remain undamaged, promoting quicker healing time and minimizes downtime

  • Results in smooth, toned and renewed skin