My Best Face Forward: Angela Jackson


For those who don’t know me, I run a successful photography business.  While I spend most of my time behind the camera, I also interact with clients.  Having a professional appearance includes great looking skin.  It allows me to feel confident and ready to tackle any hurdles that arise during a photo shoot.  Below is my story on how I was able to put my best face forward, thanks to Sara. 

I never had breakouts until I was in my late 20’s. I hit 30, and I swear my skin hated me! I tried every type of over-the-counter acne medicine out there. Some would work for a few weeks, then I would have another breakout. Once in my mid-30’s, I woke up one morning wondering where all of the wrinkles came from! I am a sun-loving-goddess, preferring baby oil to sunscreen. This left me with both acne and wrinkles, which seems like a cruel joke of Father Time.  I had so much trouble with over-the-counter remedies that I basically opted to just stop using anything other than Dove soap to wash my face, and tried to accept terrible skin as a fact of life.

I have known Sara several years, and when she opened the Face Place, I thought that I might as well try some of the products she was carrying. Sara started out by asking what my goals were for my skin. I wanted to NOT smother my face in foundation. The older I get, the less I care about spending time in front of the mirror (because it was getting scary to acknowledge aging, and of course regular breakouts). Plus with breakouts, who wants to add more product to cause a build up and accentuate wrinkles?

My first treatments with Sara were Rejuvapen Microneedling and CO2 treatments, both with no real downtime. I started using the Image Intense Brightening products, which definitely made my skin start to show major improvements, with less dark spots and less breakouts! YAY!!  My skin was never oily or dry, but after using these products, I found out my skin really wanted that extra moisture! I now realize how important that moisture is, especially for wrinkles and glowing skin.

I kept using the Image products until I ran out, and I just started using the Epionce product line, which is probably the best thing my skin has had on it in decades! My skin is softer, healthier, and finally glowing. Sara just started the laser treatments on me, and I cannot wait for the results after the next few treatments. 

Sara has only been extremely helpful and patient working around my busy schedule. I love that she has a ton of samples to try and is really great about letting you try before you buy, so you can  make sure that the products she recommends are going to work for you. 

If I could offer one recommendation, it would be to contact Sara TODAY.  Don’t wait, because you deserve to start the New Year with clearer, brighter, youthful skin.  Put your best face forward in 2018 and give my friend, Sara, a try.

Oh, and don’t forget to wear your suncreen!

Sara Vance