My Best Face Forward: Katia Hatter


I can't remember the last time I posted a make-up free photo of myself.  

Let's "face" it (pun intended)...I'm in my mid-40s, and I don't want to look that way.  I have three kids, a husband with a job that keeps him out of town most of the time, I'm a partner in a small business, and I don't get enough sleep.  Concealer is my best friend most days! 

Since I was a teenager, I've disliked my skin. It started the usual way, with breakouts and blemishes.  It worsened through my 20s and 30s, with the hormonal fluctuations of three pregnancies and stress.  By my mid-30s, I was dealing with acne AND wrinkles (which is totally unfair)! 

 My before photos - lots of redness, acne scarring and a breakout! 

My before photos - lots of redness, acne scarring and a breakout! 

I've tried everything.  Frankly, I had settled into the "less is more" camp in terms of skin care. Everything I tried was either too harsh for my sensitive skin, dried me out too much or made the breakouts worse.  I was in a no-win cycle in terms of skincare, and I thought I was out of options.

Enter Sara Vance. We have kids the same age and have been acquaintances for a long time. During our recent family photo session with the talented Angela Jackson, I couldn't get over how AMAZING Angie's skin looked.  She raved about Sara and told me to schedule a consultation - NOW! I wouldn't regret it.  As she is never wrong with her photos, I have to thank her for the referral.  She was right once again!

I went in for my initial consultation with Sara, and I admit, I was skeptical. How on Earth could Sara come up with some magic potion to fix my complexion?  

I immediately liked Sara's approach - she knew she could make things better, and she was willing to take the time to get me where I wanted to be.  She was willing to try a variety of treatments, within my comfort level, to get my skin where it could be. She was committed to helping me put my "best face forward".

So, our journey together began.  We started with throwing away all my skincare products and using Epionce products.  Immediately, my skin felt smoother and clearer.  We followed that up with Rejuvapen Microneedling treatments and CO2 treatments.  

 Post-Microneedling with CO2 mask.  Aren't I cute? 

Post-Microneedling with CO2 mask.  Aren't I cute? 

Yes, that's me, looking like my face is melting off with my CO2 mask still on!   Other than feeling like I had a sunburn, the recovery from the Microneedling treatment only took about 48 hours each time.  No make-up was worn during recovery, and I was applying a special hydrating mask pretty much every 30 minutes.  We followed that up a few days later with Dermaplaning, which I was initially a little nervous about because Sara is using a scalpel on my face! But, I can bear witness that the result is nearly flawless skin, as shown by the photo above.  I was left with super smooth, soft skin that was absolutely glowing! 

What's next? I'm committed to Sara's vision for what's possible, so we are planning on some laser treatments to address some sun damage/sun spots, acne scarring and dark hairs along my jawline. I'll post again to let you know how each goes and the results I experience.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to give Sara a try.  Schedule a free consultation and hear what your options are.  No matter your budget or comfort level, Sara can make your problem area less of one.  If you are unsure, feel free to email me and ask me about my experience. 

Put your Best Face Forward - see Sara and be the best you can be!